Artist Bio

ANDRE-PHOTOAs an award-winning artist of international merit, Zimbabwean born artist Andre van Zijl’s work has historically been an artistic commentary on socio-political and global culture from a holistic spiritual standpoint. In his ancestral and adopted homeland, South Africa, he was a victim himself of the political secret police, which has deeply motivated him to give voice to those without a voice. Art to him “is a creative sword for peace.” His work from this era challenged the institutionalized inequities between the privileged wealthy few and the exploited dis-empowered masses, structured as a system of government called apartheid – “apart-hate”. This included other forms of oppressive political power that deny challenging art, cross cultural communication, and democratic spiritual growth. Andre’s art was instrumental as a historical voice of progress and change in this tumultuous period and is represented in many important international museums, public and private collections and numerous publications worldwide. Most recently he was published in the 4 volume series – “100 Years of South African Art “ – by Wits University for the South African National Gallery, 2012

“The evolution of my work continues to emphasize the artistic and spiritual unity through all expressions of life. My body of work explores the systems of thinking, which, both separate us from each other, and unite us to each other in an interdependent reality.”

He is also an art instructor, taking students “to their next level”. He has taught all levels both privately and in groups including graduate level students at college, also middle and high school students.

He is co-founder and director of All Paths Divinity School, a board member of the So Cal Parliament of World’s Religions and the Wallenberg Institute of Ethics.

Andre van Zijl, artist, sculptor, teacher, philosopher, poet, author and wannabe cosmic mystic citizen lives in Los Angeles with his wife Debrah and two adult children, Jarryd and Sarina, “my best artworks”.