Seeing What You Are

Seeing only through the micro-lens of individual awareness, nothing is seen that does not support the cloying nausea of unconscious narcissism. Only seeing what you are, all that is not you is invisible to you – to the extent that it does not alter the vantage point of higher consciousness.

The tragedy of the limited ego-mind is that it cannot see what does not pertain to its immediate self-interest. This is suicide by incremental means, tightening the circle of belonging ’till no sense of connection can be found beyond the self-referential.

In “Buddhism with an Attitude” Alan Wallace says that “Identifying self-centeredness in other people is easy but benefits noone. Only identifying our own self-centeredness brings about spiritual growth for ourselves. It is my self-centeredness, not yours, that gives me grief.”

O Lord, You appear even in this ordinary moment,
Your presence engulfs me,
making of me a two-way mirror,
Seeing through the dull report of the senses,
Perception blunted by familiarity,
Yet, even in this, You infuse awareness
With a rich brew of sacred intoxicants,
’till nothing can remain ordinary –
The weight of breath,
The sighing of the membrane of being,
’till the weight of divine sweetness
spills over and drowns
All perception it its silent
You appear in this extraordinary ordinary moment
As this ‘me’, as all this around,
Above me the roof of Your heart
Sings blue,
Besdide me it is ‘car-ing’ and ‘tree-ing’,
Below me it is earthing
Everything to the ground of
Heavens Boundlessness.
O Lord You Appear
As this ordinary moment,
As this ordinary one, be-ing ‘me’.